First Annual CAMP CRAWL

Held June 24th 2023

How to play:

1. YOU MUST ADVISE OF YOUR PARTICIPATION. (Either in person or on the online group.)

2. You must advise in what capacity you would like to participate. (Host or Player)

3. Respond to the pavilion at 6:30pm on June 24th. ( I will be your director of activities. I will be moving the players from each camp site within the allotted time.)

Each player will receive a personalized Bingo card. ALL HOST sites have been selected for this year due to time constraints. On your card you will see the order in which the group will respond to , where a host will be prepared to provide shots.

While at each camp site after consuming your host’s drink, each player will role 4 dice. The corresponding number will be stamped on each players bingo card by a host prior to the group moving to the next camp site.

The player who achieves BINGO first and makes it through all assigned camps WIN.


1. Can select a theme or game for your site. (Example: Each player must toss a bean bang in order to play between 1 shot, 2 shot or water.) Or Hawaiian theme.

In addition to a shot, water and a snack must be offered to assist in the longevity of each player at each host site.

2. The most each player can drink at one camp site is a double shot.

3. Each drink (shot) cannot contain more 1.5 fluid ounces of alcohol per shot.

4. Move the players as safe and fast as possible though your assigned site. They can only remain 15 to 20 minutes at each site.

Disclaimer: You are a host!!!!! Make sure everyone is safe at your site. If a player appears they are not able to play your site game…have the player drink and role dice only.


1. You must consume at least 1 drink at each camp site.

2. You must role 4 dice and get BINGO card stamped prior to leaving.

3. If you achieve BINGO you must visit all sites in order win! ( Without throwing up)